My Why

   Before  I started this boutique, I was a teacher and loved getting dressed up for work. I loved to shop and put together pieces that allowed my personality to shine. I always knew I wanted to share my love of fashion to the world so I decided to take a break from teaching and started selling Lularoe. I absolutely loved being able to interact with women and see their faces light up when they saw their perfect piece. Seeing this sparked something inside me, I realized that I wanted to provide women with not only amazing clothing, but also with shoes and accessories. I wanted them to have pieces that made them feel beautiful. Pieces that when they walked out their front door they have all the confidence one would need to conquer the world but I needed to do it my way!

The Three Loves Way!! 

Inspired by my three boys: Christian, Gino and Luca. They are my inspiration and biggest reasons to why I do this! They watch and help me daily and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It truly is becoming a family business and I’m so thankful and blessed for that. 

When choosing items for the boutique I always have my customers on my mind! I am always searching for items that have the best quality at an affordable price for all. I love to bring in unique, one of a kind items that you can not find in the stores.

Thank you for reading my story. I absolutely love having you all apart of this journey with me and my family. I hope you love the clothing as much as I do! 

Please reach out if you have any questions.